Progress bar collumn type

Progress bar collumn type. I feel bars are visually more appealing than Harvey balls to show progress in most cases.


Agreed! At least be able to choose in the Progress column type between desired representations - Harvey balls, bar, dials, etc

@hcquadros FYI. you might take a look at this post for some very interesting ideas you can accomplish using SVG’s in an image column.

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And now we ALSO have this Tip/Trick to reference:


Thank you @WillowMobileSystems! These exemples on Tips & Tricks using SVG are impressive and I started using them right away!

They are very useful, but still I feel it goes against the premise of no/low code platform. A native way to do that would be nice.

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I completely agree 1000% and have posted about that a few times within the community.

I listed the links here for two reasons:

  1. So you and those looking for the same thing reflected in the post can take advantage of the workarounds.

  2. But more importantly, so that when AppSheet picks up the item, they can see what others have been doing as a workaround and try to incorporate them into the Feature they build.

They are not meant in any way to dilute or oppose the request but the exact opposite - strengthen why its needed.