Progress type column name

It seems that by default Progress type columns have no header column name in a table view. Can this be changed? As I have a table with Progress type columns and I need to differentiate them. I’ve a blank column in place just to get the header column name in there. But doing it this way means the progress pie chart has to be off to one side. Can I somehow use a progress type column WITH a column header?

Honestly, I m not perfectly happy with Progress type on Appsheet native, therefore, I use Gauge Chart instead.

As far as we have indicator, like percentage column to gauge the progress, then I use my own trick to show the “progress” more dynamically.

Thanks for the feedback @tsuji_koichi I was looking at this too. But there’s a chance the users will sometimes be out of signal range. I.e. no internet. So we can’t use these unfortunately :frowning:

Jeeeez. I’m sorry to hear you are in a quite tough and challenging circumstances… like inside BIg Pit coal mine…to use app…