Project log - repeat data from previous day, zero out values

I am new to appsheet. I have a customer currently using Fastfield for daily logs. I am contemplating a switch to appsheet. Simple data entry is straight forward. I would have a table for Projects, Equipment, Employees, Subcontractor, Material, etc. My question is related to data format.
The functionality is pick a project, add each piece of equipment onsite with details for each piece (hours, conditions, location map, etc). Similar process for Employees and Subcontractors. The big question: A lot of the info is the same for multiple days in a row. Is there a way that the end use can copy a previous log with zeroed out values?



Great - any pointers?

Any help? I can’t figure out the data structure for the log and haven’t found an example of what I am looking for. For each report (usually one per day) the report would include multiple employee entries, multiple equipment entries, etc. each sub entry could have multiple questions. Adding hours or other data across entries is needed.

I’m afraid I have nothing more to offer. It sounds like you need some substantial data organization design, which is well beyond what I’m prepared to offer.

Perhaps you might consider engaging an AppSheet partner: