Prompt user for input and apply entered value to multiple rows


Is it possible to edit multiple rows with a single value that is entered by the user? I’ve seen that it’s possible to update columns using a set value, bit I would like this value to be set by the user. Preferably selected from an Enum list.

Also if I could reference a value from another table and apply that, that would work too.

I’m afraid you can’t change the value directly for your action button while triggering it. You could ask to change that value with Usersettings but it’s an additional step though.

That would work as an alternative, could you elaborate? I’m new to AppSheet and I haven’t used User Settings yet.

Please check this article…

Thank you.
I’ve created an action which links to the user settings with LINKTOVIEW for ease of use.
Now for some reason I’m unable to show this action on a deck view which uses a referenced list. If I enable the “Show action bar” option than the action shows up on each item from the referenced list. Is there a way around this?

Choose only that one action instead of automatic

@Adam is working on a feature that lets the user enter the value for a Set Column Value action.


That’s great, is there an ETA for that?

Any timings on this item @praveen

It is still in the works. @Adam should probably share the estimated timeline as he is the feature owner.


@praveen thank you, we will wait for @Adam to respond

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