Prompt user for value and use for sql where clause

Is there a way to seed an apps data by requesting user input via prompt/form, prior to loading, and then passing that to a where clause in SQL?

Example - If I have a long sync time, or a dataset of 1 million rows (ex. sku lookup)…what is the best way to only get the necessary data in the app?

Has anyone partitioned on SQL?

I am doing an apples to apples comparison of a 17k 15 column dataset…google sheet vs. aws sql…

  • google sheet is 17 seconds sync time
  • sql is 29 seconds
    both of these are wide open with no security filters.

Chiming in @Reza and @Harry

How would that work? Would you disable automatic sync? Would the user have to go through the form again with each sync? What do you mean by “loading”?

not sure how it would work… But you bring up a good point, about re-syncing… basically, that use case is - say we have a large data set but don’t want to load it into the app… However we would like to use her to be able to search and just pull data and have exposure to it. I think I can get around this with views. however, if I have to pull 50,000 SKUs in for a sales rep I can see an issue.

Just brainstorming: a security filter tied to a user-specific row (or user settings). The row allows the user to choose the data set parameters. The default parameters would produce an empty or minimal data set.

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Maybe you can play with the force sync… it’s listed at the very bottom of this page…

So, you could have an intermediary table that holds the scanned code… (Security filter to show only that users last scan) Then upon submit navigate with the action, and encode NOW…
Worth experimenting with…

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@Steve I’m thinking Data > User Settings will work. I’ve been able to make it the default view on the app and have settings field like “wild card search”, “SKU”, ETC. The large table then has a security filter on it based on the user settings value which prefilters the data.