PROPER() Function

PROPER() function.
Takes in a text returns the text with all first letters capitalized :slight_smile:

Is that different than upper case?

Yes, Title Case Is The First Letter Of Each Word Is Capitalized And No Other Letter Is Capped.
Niche feature I know but would help round out the function list and would be very useful in making titles, page headers, names and what not that are generated from user inputs but you want them to always look the same or what not. Give you a much more fluid way of controlling how user input looks when displayed.


We call it PROPER actually. And in general:


does the job if it’s a single word

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Oh apparently they are different. Title Case excludes articles and prepositions while proper is everything. The more you know.
I think I’d take just PROPER then cause asking appsheet to do Title Case sounds like much more work and this should just be a quick simple function to add a little functionality.