Provide a button to reset a field to the Initial Value


At times when a user is editing a field from the initially set value, they realize it’s a mistake and just want to return to the Initial Value. But often they may not remember what that value was, especially if it was text. They MIGHT then be forced to cancel out of the form and lose all changes.

This can easily be solved by including a small button somewhere within the field a user can tap to simply return to the initial value. The button/action would only be available in fields that have their Initial Value set. Users should have access to this in new Forms as well as forms they are editing.

Side note: this simple feature could also resolve the issue outlined in the Feature Request below.

Add to your Suggested values list to make the previous value available:


or even just:


I get what you’re saying, like when someone’s filling out a form… Maybe after I’ve gone through four or five of the fields that are in there, and other things have been updated… I realize I’ve made a mistake on a previous field and need to reset something.

But you don’t want to have to cancel the actual form, because maybe I typed a whole bunch of stuff inside of a text field, made a whole bunch of specific time entries… Did a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t want to lose… but I need to know what the initial value for some field was.

Having some sort of reset button, for each individual field that has an initial value formula, that I can press that will put it back to whatever it started to.

You’d get my vote for this one… :rofl:

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This applies to Lists only…maybe?

I was thinking more generically across the board Text, Numerics, Dates, Calculated Values, etc. If these values are changed, getting back to the Initial Value requires some clunky workaround or an outright cancelation.

Yes! Good clarification of my intent.

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