Provide an APPSETTINGS[] list similar to USERSETTINGS[]

I would like to request to add a list of settings that are user updated but apply to the application across the board to all users. This would be similar to USERSETTINGS. In fact, I would recommend changing the “User Settings” tab in the editor to simply “Settings” and then have a “_PER USER SETTINGS” list of values and then a “_PER APP SETTINGS” list of values.

I do understand that the same thing can be achieved by adding a sheet with these values. But the difference is how we reference them. It would much easier and more efficient for the developers to access these application level settings like APPSETTINGS[“Name”] rather than using ANY(SELECT()) statements all over the app - even cutting and pasting becomes tedious.

Nice suggestion!

So these would really be some application-level “global” constants that could be readily used. Correct?

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Actually this could be a good idea. I normally create apps with a variable table where I have all app settings and the Admins can change them as they wish… like texts in a Workflow rule, Enum options, language options etc. It would be easier for the user to type Appsettings(Option) than writing like LOOKUPs. And no extra table is needed for this purpose.

@praveen Yes, that would be correct. For example, in a scheduling app, you may want to set “travel time” and “minimum appointment” time values that are included in logic to establish appointments and other logic preventing appointment overlaps during assignment, etc. But these values may differ from client to client (i.e. app to app). If I am signing up 50 clients to the app (each with their own copy), it would be much more efficient and less risky to simply change these values if they were accessible at some “global” level.

@Aleksi LOOKUP() !!! I should have thought of that.

@WillowMobileSystems I normally add all options (for Enum etc.) into this variable table. Then you can read values with SPLIT(LOOKUP(“VariableName”,Variables,Variable,Value)," , ") with your Valid If.

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@Aleksi Yes, I can see the power of having such a table for the app to hold all such values and lists. Especially, when needing to provide copies of an app to multiple clients. It provides a way to easily customize certain aspects of the app for each client but more importantly keeps that customization within the client data itself and not in the app.

Yes, Yes, and Yes! Ive felt the need for an AppSettings for some time. Im using a regular table for this, but the settings are so different from one another that I find it a little unwieldy to use appsheet to manage these settings. Google Sheets have a preferences setting, Excel has a preferences/options setting, it only makes sense for an App created through AppSheet have a AppSettings

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