Proximity Alert

How can i make my app notify me when i come in close proximity to a location?

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The capability is not available as of yet. It requires the ability of the app to acquire the coordinates of the device location in some automated fashion. That is not available in AppSheet.

However, AppSheet is currently working on integrating such features and hopefully soon will make it available. They asked a few weeks back for developers to post Feature Requests of the GPS capabilities they needed. I would suggest that you open such a Feature Request for your need.

AppSheet does provide the ability to integrate with 3rd parties if they have such API’s available. There might be a service you can tie AppSheet into to solve your need. Unfortunately, I do not know of any.

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You would have to define “close proximity” in terms of lat-long differences. Then you’d have to have the lat-long of the target recorded. Then you’d have to setup a record edit or an action button that you manually click on that’ll record your current location in order to check the distance, which would also need another column to calculate the distance. At this point you have a number of options to alerting the user via comparing the current distance to the defined “close proximity”, such as formatting rules, email/text/push-notif workflows…

Thank you for the reply. I will make the request.

Hi Marc,
Thank you for the reply. I think i understand what your explaining. I will try this and let you know.

Can you give me an example? I have been trying to figure this out.

An example for which part?