Proximity beacons - nearby actions and scans (IoT)


I would like to suggest that we could use BLE beacon within the app.

One possible case could be as described by Appsheet here:

In this thread @Gil made a while ago: IoT We're looking into integrating IoT capabi... @Henry_Scott mentions some use cases with BLIE Beacons.

See also this post by @Aden_Parker Collecting data from bluetooth device

Please see this short video explaining what beacon is and possibilities:

In the app it could be used to the same use cases as NFC, but with longer range, as it dont have to be as near by as a NFC-chip.

Or it could be used in a “Show if”-expression, that some views is shown/only visible if you are nearby a bluetooth beacon.

It could be used to indoor tracking/navigation or to trigger a workflow, eg a check-in/presence workflow.

Maybe it could be done together with as it supports both Eddystone and iBeacon.