public and private app: how to manage licenses

Hello, I would like to create an app where customers can place orders by entering their data (name, surname, email, order detail) and this information can be viewed and managed by the seller. Clearly, the seller will have a private app that requires login with their email while customers can use the order app without any login (public app downloadable from the stores). Is it a workable thing? How to manage licenses? Would the seller only pay by having a private app? thank you very much

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Your entire account and all the apps in it are covered by one subscription plan. If you have some apps that need a Secure plan and others that need a Public plan, please create two separate AppSheet accounts. Put the apps that need a Secure plan in one account and the apps that need a Public plan in the other account. You can move apps between accounts as described here.


Thanks a lot for the answer.
I have another question, being new I would like to understand how Appsheet works before starting a new project. Does Appsheet target companies that need to develop apps for internal use or can apps also be created to be distributed through stores? In the second case, the price of the app is defined by the user or is the one decided by appsheet (e.g. 5 - 10 euros / month). I can’t understand how a developer could earn from selling the created app.

Thanks a lot in advance for your reply.