Public And Private

Is it possible to have a public component of the app i can share via a website that restricts access to “View” only, and have 1 master account that allows the changing of data?

The app that i am building is for a gaming community to track community members, their achievements and event participation. For me it’s important that they can see what they have accomplished and be able to have it publicly available.

Unfortunately that’s not directly possible. However, if you create a gmail account for members use only i.e. with a very generic password i.e. game_name, then you can show hide app views as per this email.


Please explicitly note that this workaround is a bit nifty as it will increase your number of user licences as a single email address can login to the app up-to 5 different devices. So let’s say if you have 1000 members, this means additional 200 licences.

I may advise building a separate public app only with the data you want to display in the app and iframe that app in the website. It will cost only $50 per month per app.

Thanks for the prompt response!
So it sounds like this could be done via 2 apps that share the same data, but 1 limits the permissions to view only while the other would be able to make adjustments to the data.

That’s correct. However, may be I should remind you that you need to create the public AppSheet account (Publisher Pro) with a different email address that you have your secure app. You can’t build app under the same account with different subscription model.

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