Public app and pricing

Hello, so I made a little research and appsheet is really not good for big public apps or I have bad info ? I recieved an email from support and they recomending pro plan, where is payment 10 dolars per user/month, so how I can handle it ? It doesnt making any sense. If app didnt make (enought) money. Or can I choose bussines plan without require sign in ? But price ? I wish to have public app on google store free. Is better for it or no ?

Perhaps support mis-understood what you desired in app. The answer depends on your definition of a public app AND what features you are anticipating to have in the app.

AppSheet does provide the capability of truly public apps for $50/month/per app and unlimited users. Yo can find this mentioned on their Pricing Page just below the pricing chart in the section named “Need Public Apps?”

Can you provide a few more details of what capabilities you wish the app to have for a more definitive answer?

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Hello John, thanks for a reply. Mb yes :sweat_smile:

If there is no needed required sign (mb not), Registration should be a FORM with ping on map, but I need to limit it only to 1 possible or edit or delete after you hit > join in (how to indentify a person to fill only one form)

This based on public views of forms to chart, map and gallery

Can I make in events acurate date/time notification only for once if you click on yes ?

Can my personal google disk handle all data ?

Which possibilities are real in appsheet to make money by public app ?

Public apps mean that the users use the app anonymously. You can ask for their personal info - name, email address, etc - but they can refuse to enter it OR the next time they use the app they could provide bogus person details.

If you must be able to identify a user to prevent multiple entries then you must have an authentication service with your app. That requires a paid plan whether you use AppSheet’s authentication feature or integrate your own. Paid plans come in $5/per user and $10/per user flavors. Which you are billed depends on what features within AppSheet you use.

Within the AppSheet editor there is an App Analyzer feature that will tell which pricing plan your app requires with its current implemented features.

Now if your app grows to where you have thousands of users, you may be able to negotiate a reduced per user price.

Google sheets can handle a lot of data. AppSheet also support data partioning and security filters to help with large amounts of data and keep the app performant. Performance is where you want to focus attention. For large apps this requires a solid understanding of data structure and available features to create an efficient implementation.

As for making money, volume is key!. All apps, AppSheet or otherwise, come with a cost. Cost to build, cost to market/advertise, cost to support, cost to maintain. You will need to set the sell price of the app based on your particular costs. With volume sales, you can keep overall costs low and negotiate lower per user costs to help keep app sell price down. It will take time - especially if you are just starting out!!

How do you sell your app to users? AppSheet provides links that you can give to users directly to download the apps to their devices and by-pass the mobile app stores altogether. Very nice! Or if you prefer you can build your AppSheet app into the native iOS version and a native Android version and list them on the App Store or Google Play, market the apps and build your user list from those platforms. I have not done this but I believe there is still a per user cost billed to you for users who download the apps this way but you may be able to boost your user numbers quicker.

I hope this helps!!


I have a little bit fear from paying per users, my app doesnt need it I think

I need to make some loop around this, Just one thing, to not make multiples FORMS
I dont need exactly to indentify user, just not to make more pings on the map

Can hidden button work after filled form ?

What about unique ID created by this form ? Or something like that

Can be there some ADS ?

I prefer google store for sure, how to remake version to these required for successful store upload ?

AppSheet has no mechanism for displaying ads in the app.