Public app question

Is there a way to create a checklist to be used on a public app that doesn’t send data back to a table but does allow the end user to check off items and save it on their device?

Here is my idea: user fills out form to pre-register for an evacuation center and after they save the form (this data needs to be sent to db) a checklist view appears reminding them what to bring. But I don’t need this info it is just for the user. Does that make sense?

I thought if they are filling out the form on a mobile device an online checklist would be better than directing them to an attached checklist doc that needs printed. But that would be my backup option.

Nope. :frowning:

@Steve - that’s too bad. Would have been so cool to do that :frowning:

I agree! All sorts of possibilities open up if we had device-local tables!

You can do that actually. If your checklist is fixed (or it can even be concatenated from the form info as well), you can set a 1 column 2 rows (incl. the header), Read-Only table and create a ref type Detail view for this view and you can format it as you like with the Format Rules. Then you can select this view as the finishing view of your registration form.

Check this out if it suits you…Click on your name in the Home screen, fill out a very simple form and save the record.

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