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can anyone here indicate a successful example of a public app made with appsheet´s platform?


The word successful is a relative noun. Successful in what/which aspect? There are a lot of public apps even published in the stores. So provided you can clarify your query, it will be better for helping.

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Levent, the word successful is an adjective but that doesn´t matter… unfortunately i don´t speak english very well and maybe i didn´t make myself clear.

I believe there are a lot of public apps published in the stores but quantity is not an important aspect to me. I was trying to know if there is any public app made with appsheet that has become popular?

Appsheet´s platform is undoubtedly powerful to create apps for businesses/companies but since i´m trying to develop a public app I was seeking some inspiration.

To be clear, these are among AppSheet’s target markets. Direct-to-consumer apps (“public apps”, I suppose) really aren’t. Keep in mind, too, that AppSheet has no support for embedded ads, so there’s no way to monetize the use of your app; you’d have to make your money some other way.

Thanks Steve.

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@Rui I believe I have the full command of English to know the difference between a “noun” and an “adjective”. As you haven’t explicitly specified “what kinda” public app example are you looking for, then the word “successful” becomes an unqualified noun. Provided you had said:
“Can anyone indicate a successful example of a B2B public app…” then the word “successful” becomes an adjective. Just a sweet reminder.