Public form but not public app

I would like to use my app to collect survey data.
Is it possible to have a Non Public App but at the same time send out a form from Appsheet to collect responses from the public (not signing in)?

Do you need people to use your app for the form? If not, you could use Google Forms to capture the form responses in a Google Sheet.

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Thank you. That is what I have done. I did however want to try and keep as much in the app, which is why I was trying to get away from using Google Forms.

The only way to keep a private application but a public form would be to either set up a spreadsheet and link one private Appsheet application to the spreadsheet and link another public Appsheet application (you may need a separate Appsheet subscription for this under Publisher Pro) to the same spreadsheet. In the the public application you should be able to set up to only collect responses and not show existing data.

The other way would be to continue using the Google Form as your primary way to collect data and then set up a private Appsheet application that links to the spreadsheet where form responses are collected.

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