Public (No Sign In Required) App Acceptance

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I have an app which is just really a list of info I’m looking to publish essentially publically and iframe embed. I’ve read up on some of the aspects with the users and security and all is well there. My issue is for every new user there is an acceptance check generated, is there a way to disable this (it requires no form inputs or anything) or at least customize the message as this is a customer facing app.?



If I understand correctly, you mean that each person who uses the app, sees the presentation screen of the app.

If so, in your Brand options you can customize what the customer sees.

  • UX / Brand

  • Info / Propierties

The only way that you avoid always being shown to the client and only seeing it the first time they use the App, is to use the authentication system

I hope it is useful for you

You cannot disable or modify this message in any way. Just having an app that does not allow these things does not exempt it from requiring users to accept the terms. It is essentially the terms and conditions and it applied to the best of my knowledge on a per device or per session on that device as opening in a private browser will prompt the user to accept them again in most cases.

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