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I saw that demos of my app can be shared in the appsheet portfolio.
And that anyone could copy them and then modify them.
My question is: Is there a way to make a personal portfolio with my app to publish it on my website, and that anyone can try it and see how it works, but can not copy it, much less edit it? The idea is to try them and then hire a user.

Have you thought to use iFrame for that purpose?

Yes @Aleksi , but I do not know what would be the URL that I should use to be shown as a vertical cell phone preview?
I tried to copy the url from the preview but it shows the whole page and I just want to show the cell phone view to insert it in my page:


something very similar to the appsheet portfolio:

If you right click and Inspect that page, you’ll see there’s a couple of simple parameters you can add to restrict the size and make it run like a preview

It would be great to be able to do that, but I use appsheet because I do not know html code, nor any other and I use Wix for my web page where I do not need code either.
I thought there would be a URL to access only the preview.
Thank you anyway.

Sure. The preview url looks like this for one specific app — you can replace with your own app id (from the Users -> Links pane of the app editor):

Note that this is almost identical to the /start/ link used to run the app in a browser.
refresh=1 forces the app to sync each time to get the latest definition
wipe=1 removes any existing state each time the page loads
You don’t need to provide either of those options.
If you don’t provide the version, it takes the default version for the app

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Hi Praveen, @praveen

I need a bit of clarification in terms of “force sync by custom URL to app”.

The problem. While app is under the development as well as testing by the app users, it is always happen that use face the error because of the inconsistancy of the app version on the device and the latest version. For instance, we app creator add new fields and upgrade app to the newest. But app user keep interacting app without hitting sync button before they restart to use, then end up error, Apps table hold xxx number of column but source table have yyyy number of the column. This is typical error we see as you know.

Then we need to ask user to reset all the changes they made, but this is quite troublesome and painful for everyone.

I thought we circulate the boradcase notification to all the users to reduce the amount of the risk they see those error unnecessarily. What I thought was push notification and place the deeplink expression using ?refresh=1 parameter. I assumed the user get the notification and click the same, then app will be launched on sync and pulling the latest version of the app from backend server. Then we are able to make sure majority of the app user will refresh the app for the next occassion they interact with app.

However, unfortunaly, this is not a case. This URL will open up the app, but just reading cached data from the mobile devices. Not fully sync with backend server.

Is it intended behavior?



Hi Koichi-san,

Please try to use the “&at=” in the deep link expression. The usual way to construct it would be CONCAT(deepLinkExpression, “&at=”, NOW()+1)

The ?refresh=1&preview=1 special url query parameters work in a browser and only are meant for previews, not for app links.

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Hi Praveen,

Unfortunately, this expression did not get through neither. What I actually used is

CONCATENATE(LinktoApp(“4c5110cd-3cbe-4445-99xxxxx”), “&at=”, NOW()+1)


CONCATENATE("","&at=”, NOW()+1)

Is there anything what i m doing wrong?

Seeing error message, “invalid deeplink”



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