Public pro apps scalability

Dear all,
If you can have unlimited users on a public pro app adding data via some or other form, a Google sheet will quickly become saturated.
Is there anyway to scale a public pro app?

By scaling I mean partitioning for example

I may advise removing the older data from the app directly deleting he data via a time-triggered Google Apps Script or use Cloud SQL as a database provider. Google rate limit is 5 million cells.

Dear Levent,
Thanks for the feedback. those are definitely options to consider. Will have to check out Cloud SQL with MySQL. Is this available under the Public Pro plan as according to appsheet pricing it seems only available under Business?
Can you also please advice if under public pro email report templates will still work and be send to formulated email addresses?
Thanks so much,

I haven’t considered that you are on a public account when advising use of Cloud SQL. Unfortunately use of Cloud SQL as a database only exists in Business Plan. It seems directly deleting the data via a time-triggered Google Apps Script is the only option. If you want to preserve the historical data, you can take a back-up of the spreadsheet before deleting the rows via scripting again. It’s even possible to push the data to a Cloud SQL database.

Thank you