Public sheet with private sheet data

Hi, I would like to create an app with a private table in which the user enters his transactions, and then there must be a public table in which some transactions that meet certain conditions are visible.
I know that the private sheet must be the only one in the spreadsheet folder, so the public one will stay in another workbook.
How can I make certain private transactions of each user go to the same public sheet? it’s possible?
For example: if a user buys a sandwich, he enters the private transaction and only he will be able to see it, but if the user pays a bill, he enters the transaction which must be public and therefore must appear in both the private and public tables together with the others of all other users.
If the workbooks are separate and I also obviously don’t have access to all users’ private sheets, how can I make these transactions automatically go to the public table?

I don’t have a ton of experience in this regard but using a workflow, that ON ADD, adds the private row to the public table would be a possible option.

Depending on data needs, you can use security filters to limit each user to their own transactions and transactions they would need to see.


Is that Private Table also under your account? I mean the gSheet itself.

yes, I came to the same conclusion, I believe this is the solution. I’ll do some tests!

What do you mean? I have my private table and also my private gsheet, but each user will have his own.

You are using data partitioning then, OK, got it now. @Austin_Lambeth had already proposed a nice solution.

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