Publisher Pro plan and test users

I just deployed an app on the Publisher Pro plan. I had four test users who were using the app as I built it. Am I correct in assuming that I should now DELETE the test users since they no longer apply to a Public App?

Will those users need to do anything to keep using the app?

Also, how to I prevent the app gallery from showing? I’m not logged in for this public app.

When I click on AppGallery, I get the following and am in a dead end loop. I can’t get out of it unless I shut the app.


If its a publisher App then anyone can login with the link. There is nothing you can do to stop them using the App short of copying it and deleting the origional.

Or do you mean they are setup with App definition privileges?

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No. I was surprised that the users weren’t just automatically deleted.

No. You can still have manually added users on a Public app, it makes no difference.


I don’t believe you can.

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Curious why you would expect that.

White-labeling the app is the only way to remove the gallery, I believe.


This one is whitelabled and listed on Appstore and Google Play

Screenshot from 2021-08-26 14-51-38
It just greys it out and clicking on it does nothing. Why not just remove it?


Legitimate question, then! @Arthur_Rallu, your thoughts?

Attn @Mike_Moss

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Since public apps don’t allow logging in, there is not a reason for users, except as co-authors.

In another post I asked about AppSheet requiring a user to log in just to install AppSheet on a device to use a public app. Am I wrong to think that AppSheet wouldn’t require log in for public apps? Or is that only the case for white labeled apps once they are in the store, at least for Apple.

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Thats right

AFAIK you can whitelist (list on Google Play and/or Apple Appstore) any app, including Starter and Core license

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