Publisher pro with user sign in

I made a simple app with Publisher pro account. But this app requires user sign in.
If i publish this app, How many different users can sign in? Do i have any limitation?

First, to answer the question, let’s decouple the subscription and app type.

  1. App type: in AppSheet, you can have apps that require user sign-in (let’s call them secure) and that do not require user sign-in (public).
  2. Publisher Pro is a subscription (we also have Premium and Pro). Requiring user sign-in is a feature that is covered only by Premium and Pro plans - it is not covered by Publisher Pro.

After publishing a secure app on Publisher Pro plan, you will see an error asking you to upgrade to Premium or Pro subscription, and purchase a license for each of your users. If you would like to stay on the Publisher Pro plan, you will need to disable user sign-in feature for your app before publishing.

You can also use your app for free with up to 10 users if you choose to leave it in prototype.

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