Publishing public app with public+confidential data

Hello I can’t find the info I am looking for in the documentation or don’t understand it correctly.

Is it possible to delpoy a public app to the app store with the ability for user confidential information without paying $10 for every user?

The average price for an app is under $5, am I supposed to charge $15 for an app download just so I can make $5?

Thank you.

If you need to show sensitive data to the user, yes the Pro subscription plan is the only available plan for that purpose.

Thanks for the answer - does sensitive data = any private data?

As a simple example - what if I make an app with a movie database and you can create a list of movies you have seen, the date you saw it, and if you liked it yes/no.

That’s private but not sensitive.

I would need to make sure if I have 100 users - that when you click “My Movies” you would not see a long list of all the movies all users have seen - only your own private data.

Are you saying that the only way to have a public app without charging at least $10 per download is to have a Read-Only app?

If you use Publisher Pro plan with your app, who ever can see your “My movies” list because all the data is in user’s device. You can filter the data with the slice, but the data is still in the device. Is that okay?

And if the app has 9000 users, I will need 9000 slices?

Would you please send an email to with your details, thanks.

Curious whether you worked this out?