Pull data on inventory not inspected

Is it possible to automatically pull data from a main inventory that has not been inspected.

I have a google sheet with 2 tabs.

AppSheet has
View 1. Is main inventory of vehicles that is always changing (deleting sold and adding new)

View 2. is vehicles I have inspected pulling from view 1

Is it possible to automatically pull data from view 1 to view2 that his not showing in view 2
Say vin # is showing on tab1 but not tab2…auto add or some type of formatting on tab1 to know what still needs to be inspected.

Keep in mind view 1 is only main inventory data and doesn’t have inspection data on sheet since order always changes do to adds and deletes from google sheet

I think what you’re talking about is a slice - https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/895302-slices-the-essentials


I would suggest you reconsider the data schema itself.

First table store the list of the assets, in your case, the list of the vehicles.

Second table is purely store the list of the inspections.

Tables should have relationships with key of the asset IDs. More clearly to say, the inspection table should have a column of asset ID which is ref to the IDs of asset table. This can be achieved by putting the column of asset id in inspection table, setting its data type as Ref and referring table is made to Asset.

Then as Simon pointed out, make a slice.
The filter condition to make a slice is if or not the each asset (Vehicle) has a record of inspection. This can be achieved super easily.
On the parent table, in this case, parent , vehicle table, create virtual column, with app formula to count the number of the record for list of associated child table, ie the list of the inspection.
I assume the name of this column is something like Related Inspections depending on how you name the table.

Then count the number of the row using count expression within app formula of VC.

In case the number of the record is 0 (null), then this asset has not been inspected. IF the number is more than 1, then the asset should have inspection records.

This is pretty much basic to handle the appsheet and its slice feature.


probably the solution but way to advanced for me. Thought i knew enough til this reply.
I’m lost

You cannot display items from table 1 in a view of table 2 at all.

You could “auto add” items from table 1 to table 2, but this would be a complex, fragile process.

You could indeed add “some type of formatting on tab1 to know what still needs to be inspected.” This is pretty straight-forward, actually. You’ll want to use a format rule:

Take a look at that and post back if you need more help.

Hi @Roger_Dalomba
Have you had a look at the sample truck inspection app. It may give you some ideas.


got the first part of this but struggling with…
count the number of the record for list of associated child table

alternative option.

can my ref list dropdown (VIN #) only show vins not already submitted (inspected)?

thank you…got it done this way

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