Pull data together from 2 tables

This seems like foundational stuff, but after trying to figure it out on my own all morning, I will just bask in my newbie-ness and ask for help.

I have a Schools table and a Staff table. The Schools table has all the addresses for multiple schools (School_Name, School_Address). The Staff table has all the staff that work at the different schools (Staff_Name, Position, School_Name (ref)). The tables are related with a ref to School_Name.

I would like to pull the data from the two tables together and be able to export a CSV inclusive of: Staff_Name, School_Name, School_Address. Any assistance would be most appreciated.

So I’ve been messing around with this and figured out a way to get what I needed:

  • I added a virtual column to the Staff table and used a SELECT expression to add the address from the Schools table to the Staff table and made sure SHOW? was checked for the virtual column.
  • I added an Export action for the Staff table and set it to Display Overlay.
  • I then made a table view of the Schools table.

Now I can do other stuff like make slices or add it to a dashboard view.
If there are other ways to do this, I’d be interested to learn about them!

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