Pull down sink doesn’t work in mobile app, and scrolling is making app ux twich and flash and bug all the time

Pull down sink doesn’t work.

scrolling in mobile app is making app ux twich and flash and bug all the time. please try with your apps.
In the lower section where buttons are it will flash all the time. and twich while scrolling very annoying and disturbing.

also in inline view when you try to input value with quick edit this happens.
and again am i begging in behalf of all app users please do something, you are really ruining the appsheet for users.

we all get that you are doing the bigger things in the platform, but if you make this UX bad for the users, who will care about bigger things that platform has to offer, when the app interface is irritating and bad.
@praveen @Arthur_Rallu

It appears to work for me. What happens when you try? If an error, please post a screenshot.

I don’t see this, but my apps and data sets are pretty small. If your app and/or data set are large, I imagine that could affect display performance. I’ll be interested to see if others have noticed a change in display performance recently.

Since you didn’t say explicitly, I’m guessing you mean that the input field is not well-aligned in the box?

Whatever the case, your screenshots demonstrate legitimate concerns. I’ll bring your post to the attention of the UX team.

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