Pull individual emails from enumlist

I have a work order app that I use to assign work to individual employees; not more than 1 employee to each job. I’ve had requests to assign multiple employees to individual work orders.

I currently assign work via an “Assigned To” enum column where I select the employee name. I have an “Employee Email” column that’s populated via SELECT expression.

I have a view called “My Work” with USEREMAIL() as row filter condition so that employees only see their work.

If I change my “Assigned To” column to enumlist, and I assign multiple employees to 1 work order, will they both see it in their individual “My Work” view?

Instead of USEREMAIL() you need to use IN(USEREMAIL(), [Assigned To]) as the filter so everyone who is in that list can see the row.

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Thank you, sir!!

Bellave, I’m hoping you can provide some additional assistance with this.

I was using the following expression to populate the [Employee Email] column which worked when it was just 1 employee name being selected from the [Assigned To] column:

Employees Master DB[Employee Email], [Employee Name] = [_THISROW].[Assigned To]

Now that my [Assigned To] column is an enumlist, the [Employee Email] column gets a “cannot compare text with list” error.

Any suggestions?

Maybe this could work:

Employees Master DB[Employee Email], IN([Employee Name], [_THISROW].[Assigned To])
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