Pull Log data from appsheet automatically

Is there a way to access the log data from appsheet via an API?

Hi Austin,

I don’t think that is currently available - recommend you add a feature request entry here and then upvote it.

If this is critically important, another design pattern would be to create “audit” actions for all data changes on a data table. That action would copy values from your main data table to a second, “log” or audit table. The action you would use would look something like this:

From there, you can report on, view, or otherwise utilize this logging data. Hope this helps!

It is not critically important at the moment; it’s more so wanted to give us an “instant” alert if there is an error. We have set up log tables like you mentioned for any portions of our apps that are critical. I updated this post to a feature request and will get our developers to upvote it as well. Thanks!

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