Pulling data from different tables to generate a report


I’m trying to generate a report which will have values from different tables with same reference Id. The key in my “Client” table is the reference in all other tables like “Client profile”,“Spouse”, “Employment” table and etc. I have successfully pulled the data from my “Client profile” table with the help of @tsuji_koichi but I don’t know how to pull the other data from other tables. I’m currently working on pulling the data from my “Employment” table but an error occurs.

Here’s the error

Any help would be appreciated!


Is the [Company name] a column in your “Employment” table?


Then you need to read it just like <<[Complany name]>> without the dereference. You are already in a table “Employment” with the Start: expression where that column is.

I tried but im not getting the email. Meaning no result or must be an expression error.

I’m kind of confused on how to get the data here. It’s working with my “Client profile” table, I’m not sure why it’s not working in my “Employment” table.

Is it possible to access data from different tables using one reference id only?