Pulling existing entries as 'child' entries

Theres a parent table and a child table.

Both are filled up from the past, and I have established the parent child relation recently and have to link them.

When I go into the parent and click on the ‘new’, it takes to a new entry of the child.

What I want to be able to do is to pull the existing child records into the parent records and not create new ones. I have thought of using an enumlist column in the parent to pull the children and populate the parent record in the child based on that, but I need somehow to edit a field in the child record and ‘validate’ the parent based on a field calculated from those edited records.

Is there a way to do this? I hope I was adequately legible.

I believe you may wish to mention

  1. Approximately how many parent and child records are there. ( 100 parent 400 children and so on)

  2. How are those parent /children are linked together. Meaning even if you do it manually or by some automation, how will you identify these 4 children record 1,2,3,4 belong to Parent A and children, 5,7,10 belong to parent B and so on.

In short, you may wish to elaborate on the point below


I realized your concern when I tried to proceed myself a bit.

There was no way to identify that a specific set of children belonged to a specific parent.

What I did was I made use of a few extra columns in both the sheets, which were essentially linking columns that linked the entries from both the sheets together. At the end of the day I realised that what I made wasn’t essentially a ‘parent-child’ relationship in the strictest sense.


Great to know it works per your requirement- as long as you have a valid, working solution, it is always nice.

Thank you for posting the approach that worked for you. A logically concluded post thread definitely helps any future readers.

All the best.

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