Purge the Data

Hi everyone, Im new here in appsheet can someone help me on how to automatically remove/delete the row with approved or cancelled application in master file every week then after that i want the remove or deleted row to be save automatically in another google sheet.

Thats only my biggest problem in my app created. Thank you so much

Firstly read this:

You can do that in many ways…Actions, Workflow Rule, Scheduled Report, Webhook…

There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Create the backup gSheet and assign it as a source to your app and then you can use AppSheet API to copy the rows to this backup sheet before deleting with a single Scheduled Report consisting 2 actions:
    Action#1 - Move records to another sheet | Action#2 - Delete the records from the source table
  • You can use Google Apss Script

Is your end goal to just clear those rows from app ? Because there are app options so you can hide or even securely filter those rows out

I want also to clear it also on my database. I’ve already done the deletion of data/row but the problem is this what if i fill up a new data in my app does it fill on the blank row?


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Is there away to delete the blank row using app i created? without deleting it on gSheet?

You can create a slice with the ISNOTBLANK([KeyColumn]) conditional rule.

Thank you so much everyone for the help much appreciated this one.