Push Notify - White Label App Launcher

If I follow all of the instructions for the appsheet app which is the “App Launcher” will all of the “child” apps naturally be able to notify?

We can now enable push notifications in white label through Firebase.

I wouldn’t imagine it would work without white-labeling the child app and setting up Firebase for it.
But if you already have one app with Firebase notifications enabled, it would be pretty easy to test.

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I’ll attempt some testing. Do you mind asking what the intended behavior is?

I can, at least, confirm that push notifications through child apps DO NOT work in the case that only the app launcher is white-labelled.

I suspect that for child app push notifications to work, the user would also have to have the .apk (or iOS equivallent) installed on their device, which is not really an option. In any case, curious to see what you find.

@Grant_Stead, I’m not sure if the case of notifications in white labeled launcher app was considered properly, since not many users are using those 3 features all at once.

@Jonathon Is your launcher app already set up with Firebase notifications? If so, try generating an apk for the child app with the same Firebase API key you used for the launcher. No need to do anything with that apk file, just generate it, then try sending a notification to the child app.

Interesting for sure. I think that most users that white label will end up with a launcher so they don’t have to keep listing multiple apps. Because the “best practices” for design are to have numerous small apps, instead of one large one. I think they would also want to have push notify.

The broadcast notifications on the Launcher works, with the firebase all installed…
The broadcast notifications on the Children works with the firebase info loaded up and white label button clicked

EXCEPT Deeplinks seem to just be broken no matter what… only the #view… ones seem to work… but then any of the formulas, and any of the og deep links fail…

While we’re talking about push notifications… Any way to re-brand the AppSheet paper airplane logo?