Pushing the envelope? eg. creating an AMAZON look-alike app?

Can I begin to create an AMAZON app using AppSheet?

  • can I process merchant transactions?
  • store a large database of items?
  • expect scalability of resources?

Basically, I’m wondering out loud – admittedly, not having explored much of the offerings yet, will an investment in TIME to embrace AppSheet as a technology platform be protected? What is Google’s long-term commitment to this? or is it an experimental sandbox project that will come and then go when the interest wanes? Please be honest in responses here… The community’s INVESTMENT (and commitment) of TIME is everything…

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Nope. It is not possible with appsheet. Appsheet has way too much limitations if you are looking for creating something like Amazon.

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Appsheet is not geared towards a system that requires very large numbers of users to login, especially when each user seldom uses it. There are 2 main categories of apps: Secure apps where you pay per user and allow login, and Public apps where you pay flat without any login. In short, Appsheet would be a very bad platform on which to create an Amazon clone. Appsheet is geared towards serving daily-use apps to small business teams.