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I have a question that I couldn’t find an answer to in the forum.


I have made a form in which the employee can enter the bike number (“Numer naprawionego roweru” field) and a field with the possibility of scanning a QR code (“QR Kod” field ). Is it possible that after scanning the QR code, the result will automatically appear in the “Numer naprawionego roweru” field (but this number can still be edited)?

The data format in the QR code is: “http://ddd.cc/XXXXX” where “XXXXX” = bike number.

I would like the return value in the “Repaired bike number” field to be only XXXXX ( bike number ).

Hi @Pepe


In “Numer naprawionego roweru” field, with Initial expression:
[QR Kod]

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Hello @Aurelien,

Thanks for answer!

I’m already a step closer. Unfortunately, now the entire QR code is pasted (together with “htttp: …”). What should I do to make sure that only the number at the end will be pasted?

If you know in advance the structure of the value in the qr_code, you may want to use various expressions to get the numbers you are looking for.
The purpose, in this case, would be to break the structure then extract numbers, maybe concatenate some pieces of the breaking :stuck_out_tongue:

Please see:


Found it!