QR Code scanning app. Scan and save without waiting user interaction (auto-save is not enough)

I have a simple QR Code app which is working fine.

However, I’d like to reduce the user’s interactions and time, by having them scanning without having to press Save.

The Form view, has an auto-save button, but the auto-save won’t start until the the field looses focus.

When the scanner scans a QR code, it writes the URL into a text field and it stays there waiting until the user removes focus , after which it auto-save.

Is scanner carriage return supported? This would do the trick.

Immediately after scanning a barcode, can the app be programmed to press enter, or to focus the cursor to another field? This would trigger the auto-save.

Make this field hidden?



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If we hide the field, how can the user scan the QR Code?
This app purpose is to scan QR Codes and store them into a spreadsheet.

I assumed the text field was a second field.

This sounds like it should work, and not be doing what you’re saying. I’m not sure though.

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Oh, do you have this option on?



You nailed it!
I turned this option on, and now we can keep scanning continuously.
Thank you!