QR Code scanning for Trace & Track

Hi Community Experts,
I am making a hospitality venue member scanning app. This is for CovidSafe Trace & Track. I have managed to get the app to scan a QR Code that is presented on the members mobile screen. The details of the member are then displayed on the screen of the AppSheet app. I am struggling to pass these details to an “access log” sheet. The unique scan ID & the “Member ID” which is embedded in the QR Code are recorded in the sheet. However I cannot get the member details saved. I have used a Ref column then used dereferences for the details but nothing is passed to the sheet. These details are critical to the Trace & Track records we need to keep for 58 days. The visitors will come & go many times over. Their contact details are stored in a Member sheet when they sign up. A unique QR code is generated for each member. They present this code upon entry. I did see that Zapier or Integromat were used in the past for an attendance record app. This was due to AppSheet limitations writing the data to another sheet. Is this the only way to record each entry & exit? I need to use a third party automation tool? Cheers & thanks in advance for the help. Brad

Hi Brad,
Can you describe what your tables are and what they look like? It seems to me you have at least 2 of them: ‘members’ and ‘access log’.

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Hi Arthur, thanks for the reply. I have 2 tables - members & accesslog. I have done some more reading & worked out that for the Ref column should link to the Key of the other column. I was doing this but the Key wasn’t the Member ID. So I changed my table structure & made the member ID the key (the member ID will always be a uniquely generated number so I was really doubling up the fields by having a unique key as well. Now that the Key is the Members ID, when I scan the QR Code the dereferences are now working & the member details are populating the accesslog.

I should have edited my post but am still working on the finer aspects of auto saving & default Check In & Out values depending on the slice I am using.

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Happy to hear you got yourself unblocked! You just mastered a key concept in AppSheet!