QR Code Verification

Hey all!I have a certain business workflow that needs to be resolved.In our industry,there is a rampant issue with fake certificates.I would like to print a Unique QR Code on certificates issued by us and then allow a customer to be able to scan the qrcode and then access a web app (appsheet) to show if it’s a genuine cert issued by us.

I have the first part figured out,creating a unique QR code for each certificate.Could anyone point me in the right direction for implementing the 2nd part whereby the QR Code opens an appsheet app and can view the details?

I’ve searched around but can’t find an answer.Would be a huge use case for Appsheet too!

Thanks in advance!

In the scenario you’re describing, the scanning of this QR code and subsequent launching of a website is a completely external process / separate of anything we do with AppSheet.

You would need to encode your AppSheet apps URL into a QR code. If an individuals device has QR code scanning capability, such as in the case of most Samsung phones, then what you are describing would work. Unfortunately we have no way to control how devices behave at this level.


Just to follow up…This was kinda what I was looking for :kissing_closed_eyes:

I’ll work on getting a unique code for each certificate and print a qrcode on each certificate!

Hmmm…But I’ve run into a problem where a user can see all the other certificates…Hmmmm how do I limit what they see…

The workflow described by @tsuji_koichi works because the apple phone he tested it on has native QR code scanning.

In this case he is just encoding an application deeplink into the QR codes. You can read more here:

Is there a way whereby I can deeplink to a detailed view (or any other view) and lock the user in that view? (So that he only views the cert with his unique key from the QR Code)

I’ve figured out most stuff except for this part.I wonder if it’s possible in appsheet for a public app

Not from within the app, as the user can always back out of the target of a deep link. But, from an external deep link into an app that has only a single view, sure.

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I’ve tried using a single detail view and locking the slideshow mode to off but it doesn’t navigate to the item (row) that is associated to the unique code…

URL = “applinkhere#control=”&encodeurl(“ViewCert”)&"&row="&encodeurl([Unique Code])

as for the qrcode it’s generated using google api “https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?chs=250x250&cht=qr&chl=”&encodeurl([URL])

Been 2 nights trying out all kinds of combinations =(

Okay,I manged to find a workaround that makes the user lock into a view with the slideshow mode to off (likely was due to typo in the encodeurl section).

Either way,I hope Appsheet can look into this as a potential use case to prevent document fraud - Scanning a printed QR Code (encoded with document details and UniqueID(“UUID”)) to validate documents

Thanks everyone!


@Mark12345 Can you share what is the method you are using to achieve this now?