QR scanning via search box

I have modified the timesheet sample app. I want to be able to scan a qr code in order to clock the workers out.

can i disable the click option for the items in the clock out window and use the search feature to locate the employee, then clock them out. The search does what i want, but can i restrict persons from simply clicking on anyname to clock out?

Hi Brent - in order to restrict app users to only see their information, try using a slice or security filter for the view, filtering the table to only show records that contain the app users email. An example of a filtering expression would be: [email]=USEREMAIL()

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No, you misunderstood me. That already works. I want to scan the qr code to select the worker instead of simply clicking it.

Scanning the QR code will only let you search for a record in the current view of this list. So if you scan the QR code for Brent Meade, then you’ll see that record only and not the other one. However, you’ll still need to click on the Brent Meade record to edit it. In that setting, you don’t want to prevent clicking on it or you won’t be able to update the record after your QR scan.

Could make a Clock Out form that auto-progresses and auto-saves with the only field being the QR code field. This would only let them clock out people that they have the QR code for.