“Qualified” AppSheet developers

I was wondering if it makes sense to have a “qualified” list of Appsheet Developers available to the community. Sometimes the work needed is much more than a single question and not everybody knows where to turn for credible paid help. Wondering if others would be interested in a vetted list, of “certified” developers for more complicated problems and end-to-end solutions on the platform.

Just a thought…

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They have the partner process…
You can find them in the partners page

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Yes! Partners are the best place to start. Also considering some ways to make sure those partners and other experienced AppSheet creators are distinguished in the community, more details soon.

forgot that. Just spending more time on the community than the main site. My bad…

Thanks @Peter. @Grant_Stead pointed me back to the obvious! Looking forward to an even richer community (and thanks for all the work to get this going so fast given the G+ shutdown).