Quality control inspection app with OCR (live build recording)

@tony and I recently recorded a simple 20min walkthrough of how to build a quality control app, and use an OCR model to simplify process for the users. If you deal with any standardized labels/tags/forms in your daily routines, check this out and see what you think of the sample app below.

You can view or copy the app in this session, here:
Quality Control Sample App

Also, here’s a sample QC tag you can test with this sample app:


Thanks @Peter and Tony for the video. Cant wait to see around the corner Tony for the upgrade to appsheet AI capabilities :grin:

I am trying to train my OCR model to extract the date and time from my document where it is mentioned as 20/08/2021 and 10:15 but appsheet is failing to read the values of date and time in the same exact format. I have formatted my date and time column as “Date” and “Time” respectively in my table. Please guide me on the issue.

Hi @Rajarshi_Basu, could you try setting your column types to Text instead of Date and Time as an experiment? There may be a problem converting it from text format to those other formats.


Can the OCR work on a pdf rather than a picture of the pdf?

@1111 There is PDF support for a few common document types. See Document processing | AppSheet Help Center