Quality of Life upgrades for INPUT()

The INPUT() function is an absolute game changer

  • Saving us so much time in not having to build out various interaction methods to get input from a user

I’ve only lightly touched using this new feature, but I’ve already got some QOL updates that would really go a long way.

1) Center the pop up on the screen

  • When used on a PC, the popup appears in the top-right corner of the screen.
    • Users report it’s weird to have it there instead of the middle of the screen.

2) Auto-Save (true/false)

  • The biggest complaint I’ve gotten so far is that you have to hit the save button to close the “form”
    • If another parameter could be introduced, one that would allow us to initiate something essentially the same as the “auto-save” setting for forms, this would go a long way to smoothing out some interactions.

3) Popup Label

  • It would be nice if there was a way to put a “header” at the top of the popup
  • Many times the reason you’re doing the input is because you’re getting an answer from the user
    • The “Description” or “Display Name” might not be the place to put this information, as sometimes you need to put literal instructions inside the description - to tell people “how” to input data.
    • Or if there’s multiple fields within the INPUT space, it’s helpful to have a reminder of “what you’re doing here”

4) Finishing View

  • Just like in a form, it would be nice to be able to specify a different view to go to when the popup is saved

I realize that most these could be “solved” by implementing an actual Form view (since it has each of these things already)…

But the beauty of the AppSheet platform is there’s 4 ways to do any 1 thing

This would be yet another way to get to the same destination…

  • and in some ways, an “easier” way to get there

As always, thanks for considering!
partyparrot (Appsheet)

Thanks for beautifully recapping the problems .
Some of them I mentined in the original threads and I also directly discussed dev as well.

For sure, INPUT() expression would be useful, but need bunch of improvement

Thanks my friend!!!


Am I right in thinking this cannot be used to create new records?



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@1minManager :slight_smile:

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Im not right or no you cant create records

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Input expression is only to update the value of target column for the current and existing record. So can not be used to add record.