Quantity Action Primary View

First app with appsheet. Trying to build simple ordering app. I have 3 excel tables (item ,price, quantity). Appsheet put item and price on primary view and you must click edit icon to + or - the quantity. Is is possible to put the quantity + or - on primary view where the edit icon is currently?

Hi Bill, you can create an action to jump to edit that particular data row (though not a particular column). You could also create an action to set the data within a certain column to a certain number. For instance, if you had set quantities that you ordered for restocking, you could create an action that adds the existing quantity to the restock quantity (something like [Current Inventory]+[Restock Quantity].

Hi Bill,

What Eddie said is correct, I could show you quickly if you want to hop on a meeting with me here: https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/billy42