Query Regarding SUM()

Please explain how to Sum “Total Payable” Selected Field as per image provided.

Hi @tsg_despatch,

Would that not be something like;

[Checkbox column],TRUE

If you want to see the sum of those four selected records in that view, I’m afraid that’s not possible at this moment.

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@Aleksi I don’t want to see the Total Amount, However I want to make workflow and send an email to our vendor regarding total payment made to him with mention of “DC No”. Refer to screenshot.

@Chris_Jeal This is not working, My purpose to total the Checked DC No field & Total “Total Payable” Field and store the Total in another table

You said this:

Having previously said this:

“Sum Total Payable” and “Total Amount” certainly seem to be the same thing to me.

Your screenshot shows nothing of a workflow, an email, or “mention of ‘DC No’.” This is the first you’ve mentioned it.

Because @Chris_Jeal addressed the question you asked rather than the one you apparently want answered.

You didn’t say that. In fact, this is even different than what you told @Aleksi.

Please restate your question and include all of your requirements so that we don’t waste our time.


@Aleksi In simple words, I want to total checked fields and sane the total in another table.