Question about a virtual SELECT and a report:...


Question about a virtual SELECT and a report:

Here’s my expression: =SELECT(Headlines[ID],[Category] = [Categories], true)

In the app when I select a category all of the data in rows related to that category appear, perfect. When I setup a workflow email that triggers a send when saved, the report shows the name of the virtual column, however it will only post the ID of the related row, isn’t it supposed to show or list ALL of the data in the row? as it does in the app?

Thanks for help and input.

(Marc Dillon) #2

The Select() expression will only return a list of data from one column that you specify. In this case you specified the [ID] column. If you want to display all data in those rows, I’d suggest using a Start expression. See here: - Template Start Expressions

If the [ID] column is that table’s key column, then you can simply copy the exact same Select() expression that you have into the <Start:> Then add in whatever columns you want to display. Probably something like this will go into your Email Body field

<<Start:SELECT(Headlines[ID],[Category] = [Categories], true)>> <<[ID]>>

<<[Category]>> <<[Other column]>> <<[Other col 2]>> … <>

Template Start Expressions


So only the ID unless I include start and end. Thanks!