Question about data group


How can I have data showed as a group from a a range of date.

For example show all data but make a group by date from 6/01/2019 to 6/15/2019 and 6/16/2019 to 6/30/2019 and 7/01/2019 to 7/15/2019 and so on.

You’ll need to add a virtual column that contains the row’s group, then group by that column.

yes, but I want to do it automaticly for the up coming or future dates.
How can I do what you say to try about?

You can do what your want with a virtual column:

It can be a normal column as well with a fomula like…

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This formula seems to work, but it make groups with all the data entries with the tag and does not separate from those that are not from other dates. (example: it makes one single group and add all the entries to that group no matter what day it has inside).

What Im looking is a formula that make groups by dates, all dates from 1st to 15th on a group and all dates from 16th to 31th on another group. so it would be to groups for each month.

Change all TODAY() with your own column… like EOMONTH([DateColumn],-1)… I wrote this formula thinking it would be an app formula when you create those records. Then virtual column is not needed.

What I did_

EOMONTH(Order Date,-1)+IF(DAY(Order Date)<16,1,16)&"-"&
IF(DAY(Order Date)<16,EOMONTH(Order Date,-1)+15,EOMONTH(Order Date,0))

and also without the square bracket

it says error

Unable to find function ‘[ORDER DATE]’

You shoud use square brackets like [Order Date]

I did but I got the same error

What is your whole formula?

It is working fine now. Thank you so much for your time and effort.