question about dependent dropdown: is it pos...

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question about dependent dropdown:

is it possible to make a dependent dropdown from an enumlist?


[continent] = enumlist [country] = enumlist

when the user selects Europe & Azie he gets all the countries from these two continents in the dependent dropdown

thx folks, Bram

(James W Rezin) #2

Step 1 – Create a Data source that has 2 columns: Column 1- Continent Column 2 – Country Step 2 - In Continent Dropdown Field of Receiving data Table in Valid_If: =Tablename[Continent] In Country Field of Trcieving Table in Valid_If: =Tablename[Country]

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+JW R Thx JW R …

What you explain is the way to make dependent dropdown lists and this is working with a normal enum, but not with an enumlist.

My question is: I would like to be able to select multiple continents and getting a dependent dropdown with the contries of the continents selected.

any idea?

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Great! This is working all fine … Thx a lot …

(Jimmy Tsui) #5

@Suvrutt_Gurjar great work!

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #6

Hi @Diogenes_ASBL_VZW, Are you looking for drop downs with only two pairs of enumlists, like in example continent and country? Also will there be only a handful of drop down options in the first

enumlist of continents?

If it is so, you may wish to explore

the following approach with a bit lengthier expression.

A. Lookup Table : Two text columns Continent and Country

B.Main table that calls lookup table : Two enumlist columns Continents and Countries

C. Valid_if of first Enumlist column Continents in main table =LookupTable[Continent]

D. Valid_if of second Enumlist column Countries

in main table

=SELECT(LookupTable[Country] ,OR([Continent]=INDEX([Continents],1),[Continent]=INDEX([Continents],2),[Continent]=INDEX([Continents],3),[Continent]=INDEX([Continents],4),[Continent]=INDEX([Continents],5)[Continent]=INDEX([Continents],6)))