Question about Group actions?

When I edit the form normally it has all the info filled out?

But when I try run the form through a grouped action its empty?

Here is the action details

Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced

Hi, may I ask where are you triggering this action?


is has two actions in the group above that actives the job and colour formatting for the icons and a timestamp

2.and the second action (the one the I mentioned above is that it opens the form so they can do a before pic as well as check the job details and save

I hope this makes sense

its for force the user to fill the rest of form when they start the job

This opens a form to edit the existing row:


This opens a form to edit a new row:


What is your intention? To edit an existing row, or to add a new row?


edit existing row please

thanks for the reply

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To edit an existing row, use LINKTOROW() rather than LINKTOFORM().

See also:

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