Question about IFrame and Security

I want to take advantage of some functions in appsheet rather than using another third party.
I want to place an Iframe form on a site that is just a form and reopens to a form, it doesn’t show anything other than the form. I’m collecting user info, i.e. email, phone, address. Doesn’t display the menu upper left or search, just the form.
Can I do this without any security issues and or without additional fees?

It will work with a public app on a Publisher Pro plan. Secure apps won’t work in an iFrame because logging in is not supported in an iFrame.

More info in this thread:

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  • As @GreenFlux mentioned, create an app that does not require user login.

  • Within the UX options, disable the menu and search buttons:


  • Then within the table options, toggle on 'filter out all existing rows:



Awesome, thanks!