Question about "Open Grouping" in Table UX View

Hi App Commanders,

Another thrilling episode of Wild requests with Wesley, and I’m your host!

Exciting times here in Kansas City. The request for today is more personalized notifications in the Workflow part of the editor. The ideal situation for me would look like one workflow created that when fired sends the recipient (dispatcher) some in app important information based on what triggered the event. For instance, this could look like a driver initiates the workflow because he/she accepted a load to haul and is en route to the destination. The notification would say, “James has accepted the load and is en route to the destination”, or John has picked up the load in Truck number 825 with trailer 8080 and is en route, instead of the generic, “Driver has accepted load and is en route to destination”.

I feel like this is already possible depending on the data you capture.

In your example,
You have a table of deliveries (Product / Date / Destination / Driver / Pickup / Dropoff)
Driver, Pickup, and Dropoff start blank.
Once a driver is assigned and Pickup time is updated, trigger workflow to notify dispatcher: “[Driver] has accepted [Product] and is en route to [Destination].”

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Hey Dave, I am having issues navigating the default title expression language, can you show me how I would make notation of my columns [Driver Name], [Truck Number], etc fit in here? “”<<_UPDATEMODE>> to application ‘<<_APPNAME>>’ table ‘<<_TABLENAME>>’ by ‘<<USEREMAIL()>>’ at <<NOW()>>"

Same way. <<[Driver]>> <<[Product]>> and <<[Destination]>>

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Ah, thank you.

So like this,

“<<_UPDATEMODE>> to application ‘<<_APPNAME>>’ table ‘<<_TABLENAME>>’ <> is now en route to <> VIA <> and <> by ‘<<USEREMAIL()>>’ at <<NOW()>>”?

Give it a shot and see how it works.