Question about Publisher Pro

I want to embed a form on a website, just a form, probably 15 hits per month, if that. Yes, it’s a public site, but I’m not distributing an app via Itunes and playstores. I understand the you need a publisher pro plan but I can’t find it in accounts. I have a pro plan, is that the same? will that work if I make the table public? Not sure if I have to go white label or what…?

Need some direction, If anyone has an answer that would be wonderful! Thanks!

Yes you need Publisher Pro plan. You can choose it from My Account > Billing. If you use for example Pro plan, all your users are counted as app users and then you would probably need lot of licenses.


I guess I’m a bit confused, (not at you Aleski), if I change my account to public per app, will that have an affect on other apps that aren’t public? It seems like a broad brush because I will most likely have multiple projects with different requirements.

You need to maintain two (or three) separate accounts - 1 for Publisher Pro, 1 for Pro (if required, 1 for Premium.)

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Hi @Rod,

Just like @Bellave_Jayaram mentioned, in a situation where you are deploying apps that require different plan types (Secured vs Public), you would need to manage multiple separate accounts. You can easily transfer apps between accounts by following the steps in this guide.

Hope this helps.

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